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Re: [Membership] comment to be read at the MAC meeting

Paul and all,

Paul Stauffer wrote:

> A point I would like the MAC to address during the open meeting on March 2:
> I would posit that the interests of any organization are really nothing
> more than the sum of the interests of the individual people involved in the
> organization: members, shareholders, employees, business clients, and so
> on.  If this is true, what argument can be made to support the notion that
> organizations should have direct representation and/or voting rights within
> the ICANN at-large membership?  Should it not simply fall to the
> individuals with interests in the organization to represent those views?

  We (INEGroup) do not believe that an argument can be logically made
that the organization or company that qualifies them as a member of the
Individual Membership Organization as your question nicely suggests.
Our group, discussed this last week at our conference here in Dallas
at length and most agreed with this conclusion.  The only exception that
I could see that might qualify them would be if the members/employees
were required by ICANN bylaw, that any corporate or organization member
MUST have all of their members/employees were to hold open and
free elections to elect a representitive.  This seems a bit redundant if
those same members/employees are members themselves.

> I would appreciate hearing the views of the committee members on this
> matter, whether they agree with my initial postulate or not.  Comments from
> the mailing list are also invited.
> Regards,
> - Paul
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