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Philippe Landau wrote:
> i mean is jeff (WiIliams) the only real opposition there ?

Michael Graham replied:
+ Now that is a scarey thought!

 Not at all. You are both presuming way too much about
 ICANN and this whole process. First these people may 
 say anything they like. What happens in reality is
 quite another thing. The pace of change is so rapid,
 and the ability of the unfortunates tagging along the
 bandwagon of Orthodoxy, fools included, so limited,
 they really do not comprehend what's happening out
 there. I highly suspect technical innovations will
 obsolete all their schemes faster than any silly
 protest ribbons or all the hollering in the world.
 By all means holler and ribbon away. It's just that
 change is far more likely to come from imaginative
 work than all this endless bullshitting. 

 Tschuse, babies!

 Bob Allisat

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