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[Membership] WiReD Falls Victum To Hoax: Goes Ballistic!

Chris Oakes (WiReD's lazy reporter of the month) quoted from:
> ... Geert Glas, chairman of the Internet Committee of the 
> International Trademark Association, said his group was still
> not satisfied with Singapore's principles. The document gives
> too much weight to individual members at the expense of 
> organizations, Glas said. 
> "The concern is that while individuals should have a say,
> [their] voice should not drown or neutralize the voice of
> someone who may be mandated by 1,000 or 10,000 people," Glas
> said. 
> While naysayers still have issues with ICANN and its operations, 
> participants in the process were generally pleased at the 
> unexpected progress in Singapore. 
> "All in all, I was amazed at how much consensus was reached -- and 
> reminded of how important face-to-face meetings are," said Jonathan
> Zittrain, a member of the ICANN membership advisory committee. 

 This is most humourous. Glas wants individuals
 eliminated entirely from the picture. Mr. Zittrain
 imagines something has been accomplished! And Dr.
 Oakes, after having most humourously fallen victum
 to the INEG madhouse trap, turns complete neo-con!
 Atta go Chris! Next time check your sources. By
 the way... "naysayers"? Who might those "naysayers"
 be Master Oakes? Name names, seek relevant quotes
 and may I be so bold as to suggest that this time
 you investigate further than your recently burned
 rear end? 

 Question: is a mass media publication capable of
 reflecting and defending even the interests of
 individual citizens? Or does it simply represent
 it's advertisers and Conde Nast ownership? Hint:
 "Don't just get onto the Internet. get into it.
 Click here! Intel inside. Pentium III"... from 
 the same WWW site. 

 Turn to obscurity, seek the periphery. It is there
 you will find innovation and invention, not at the
 centre. Least of all at the centre.

 Bob Allisat

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