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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] "Organic/dynamic" self-forming constituencies?

Eric and all,

  Completely agreed.  This has been our position regarding the
formation of consitiuencies/colitions.  To pre-define them as part of a
Bylaw's structure of the DNSO or ICANN Membership, is as has been
observed by many, devisive and planned gerrymandering.  Hence it is
not legal.

Eric Weisberg wrote:

> Karl Auerbach wrote:
>   Let people and entities form whatever coalitions they
> desire, let them
>   mutate and reform as conditions change.  Let those
> coalitions express
>   their power via the number of individuals that they can
> convince to cast
>   their votes in accord with the coalition's point of view.
>   Those would be true self forming coalitions.
>   The nonsense of pre-establishing groups on some
> pre-supposed notion of
>   common interest is nothing better than a guess, and it has
> the effect of
>   ossifying the voting structure and hence pre-ordaining the
> result of many
>   future decisions.
> True. Organizing by "constituencies" presents some technical
> and conceptual problems--e.g. there is no guarantee that
> Internet Texoma will feel better
> represented by a US citizen who is "hostile" to its segment
> of the industry
> as opposed to someone from Singapore who shares its basic
> concerns.
>     But, how do you accomplish a "dynamic" system in which
> new         coalitions/constituencies form to address
> whatever happen
>     to be the issues of the times?
>     Does this imply "proportional representation" with all
> seats
>     filled at each election?  Or, are there other ways of
> attaining such
>     objectives such as Joop's proposal
> <http://www.democracy.org.nz/model.html>
>     or by cumulative, "approval" or "rational" voting
> mechanisms discussed in sec.       5.8.5 of the MAC report
> <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/prelim.html#Method>?
>     How do such alternatives measure against defined
> "constituency" plans in             resisting "capture?"
>     Finally, would such a system for electing (some part of)
> the board
>     affect ICANN's ability to use the "deliberative council"
> or randomly
>     chosen "jury" mechanism suggested by Dr. Fishkin
>     <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/fish.html>?
> Frankly, I am concerned by the lack of discussion of such
> issues in the PUBLIC fora.


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