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Re: [Membership] A Model for Community & Global

toml@communisphere.com wrote:

> OK, I guess I'm not clear on this point. If my neighbor to the left has
> AOL, and the one to the right XYZ, how does this piece of add-on
> software they are to install provide notification about community
> affairs?

> When they log on to their providers does it download our community info
> to their system? And then a community flag on their browser goes up
> saying "New info has arrived." ?

I think if you set up a web site for your community resource, and have
a Java applet launched whenever someone from your community visits it,
it can provide the automatic type of community information you want.
The applet can be customized to do various types of automatic information
update.  The details of how to do this should be in any good book on
Java and Web programming.  You can instruct the members of your community
to make the community resource site their home page, so effectively
whenever they connect to their provider, it will launch the applet,
provided that there is connectivity between the provider and your
community web site.