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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] Re: Effective meetings, past and future

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

> On 12-Mar-99 Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
> >  In message <XFMail.990312114846.william@dso.net>, "William X. Walsh" writes:
> >
> > > >  You feel quite comfortable with what you are saying?
> > > >
> > >
> > > From reading Ronda's comments yes I do.
> > >
> > > I don't see her comments as being on topic at all, and I think that in this
> > > situation they were more than generous in the leeway they permited her, and
> > > indeed in presenting her written comments to participants as an alternative
> > > view.
> >
> >  She exists. And she makes some very important points.
> I don't agree that her points are that important, but nonetheless, lets assume
> they are for this purpose.
> If we are having a meeting to decide if our company should open up into the
> market in Country X, should we permit someone to have the floor at such a
> meeting to only argue that we shouldn't market our product at all?  The
> decision to market the product had already been made, and nothing at this
> meeting could change that.  This meeting is not the place to make that
> argument, this meeting was for the narrowling defined purpose of deciding
> whether to market the product in a particular area.

  The problem with you example here William is that it is not applicable
in this circumstance with respect to Ronda's arguments/comments,

> The meeting had a set of parameters of what the meeting's purpose and topic
> was.  Ronda's statements were outside the scope of those parameters and
> purpose, and as such was not germaine to the topic at hand.

  Any comments even at this stage are by definition germane.  From there
your argument here falls apart, based of basic logic (Logic 101).

> I think they were
> quite generous in the tolerance they showed in letting her present her comments
> even in the limited fashion they did.
> >  By going after what she says, and not so much how she does it, you are
> >  proving her right in a way, do you know that?
> >
> >  Manipulating the Rules of Order is older as Roberts' Rules (which I
> >  have read, by the way :-)-O). You'd be probably somewhat miffed too,
> >  if someone in disagreement with you was chairing a meeting and cut the
> >  microphone when you had the floor, wouldn't you?
> >
> >  I am not commenting on the arguments advanced by either party, which I
> >  find non-contributory to the issue at hand.
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