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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] Re: Effective meetings, past and future

William and all,

  Well William yet again you seem to be having a reality problem.
First you have yet to establish that Ronda's comments were not
relevant or germane.
Second, RRoO, are not strictly followed in the House or Representatives
or the US senate, as they have their own set of "House Rules" and
"Senate Rules".  Hence your example is not applicable in this
context as it does not apply.  I have a copy of both the most recent
"House Rules" and "Senate Rules" on my book shelf to my right.
In the front Introduction section it clearly states that "These rules
of this body [House of Representatives of the United States of America]
are only biased on Robert's Rules of Order and contain many modifications,
amendments and restructuring in order to effect effective deliberations
within this body".  A similar statement appears in the sam section of
the "Senate Rules" text.

  Again William, you are out of order!  Please take you medicine!

William X. Walsh wrote:

On 12-Mar-99 Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
>  William,
>  it doesn't matter whether you or I think she was germain or not.
>  In order to conduct deliberations in large groups of people one uses
>  rules of order, in the US most commonly the RRoO.

And those rules of order call for the chair to cut someone off who is not being
germaine to the topic at hand.  (As a matter of fact I saw an instance of just
this yesterday on CSPAN when I was watching the House debate on an admendment
to the the Education Flexibility Bill, where the Congressman was speaking on
the subject of the main bill, and not the amendment which was currently the
subject of the debate.  A point of order was made, and the speaker instructed
the Congressman to remain on topic or be seated).

>  One does not cut off microphones if one doesn't like the points being
>  made. Can't you see that?

This case has NOTHING to do with not liking the points being made, but with
those points having nothing to do with the topic of the meeting.

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