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[Membership] Amending the MAC "Preliminary" Report


The MAC report bears the caveat "Please note: This report does not
contain any specific recommendations made by the MAC or by
ICANN."  However, sec. 5.9.1 Election Management states that the

     Berkman Workshop breakout group recommends that a
     standing advisory committee be established to oversee
     mechanics of elections and other voting activities.

<http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/prelim.html>  The option of
management by a professional (and neutral) third party such as the
American Arbitration Assn., is not mentioned (though previously
raised and arguably consistent with this recommendation).  Is this
open to discussion?

I think the "professional third party option" is very important.
Should it be included in the MAC report and considered by the
board?  How can that be accomplished at this stage?