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Re: [Membership] Re: [IFWP] RE: Drawing lines

All of this membership concern - for individuals may turn out to be a tempest
in a teapot - if the FCC has its way.

The phone companies are bugging FCC to start allowing them to charge for local
calls ( ie internet connections). I know this was supposed to have been put to
bed- but apparrently it raised its head again - re LA DAILY NEWS 3 19 99

"Rep C> COX (R)  (newport beach ca) and D DREIER (R)  (covina ca) were 2 of 11
signees of a letter to W KENARD FCC CHAIRMAN opposing these types of action.

If local calls are billed on a time basis- it will impact the internet and
intern probably make these issues of the individual membership rhetorical.

thanks steve witkin