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[Membership] Follow on of: [Advisory Notice from IHOJ] Subject: Unsavory Individules "NetKooks"

Jeff and all concerned,

  Thank you again for your assistance Jeff.  It is very much
appreciated. It is of course unfortunate that as you suggested, 
that Mr. Walsh seemed to have missed this excerpt:


"We are indeed grateful for the assistance that Jeff has so kindly
provided through Netcom for providing myself as some of the members of
our  staff a clean inexpensive connection through Netcom, although at
such as this one, I am required to use the toll free number to dial


  It appears that Mr. Walsh has much to learn...

  Again as always please forward this post on to those relative mailing

Brian C. Hollingsworth
Sr. Legal Advisor, International House of Justice Internet
Communications  Affairs and Policy
Advisory council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy, European