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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

At 18:56 +0200 99-05-02, Mikael Pawlo wrote:
>A revenue percentage seems like a fair way of dealing with member fees at
>first glance. However, when you look further into the issue you will see
>that such a model won't be as fair as you first thought. If you consider
>entities with only a smaller part of revenues deriving from to ICANN
>related activities, but at the same time is depending on the functionality
>on ICANN or want a say in the decisions and therefore join ICANN, the cost
>- if percentage fixed, will be far too high, in relation to the value
>presented. Maybe such companies, like postal services. telcos and law
>firms, should not be members of ICANN, but on the other hand I think it
>would be a good way to establish ICANN on a broad not-too-diverse (the
>consensus issue should maybe be abolished now, no?) ground.

It just struck me - the above situation could be avoided, at least in part,
by setting a maximum amount for member fees.