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[Membership] Re: NCDNHC favoritism?

I received the following message from Michael Sondow today.

Is this true?
If so, is there some justification for the seemingly unfair treatment?
If not, please correct the situation ASAP.


Tom Lowenhaupt


MS>ICANN has taken the outrageous step of allowing ISOC to use the
MS>ICANN website to publicize ISOC's organization of the Non-Commercial
MS>Domain Name Holders constituency, without offering the same to the
MS>ICIIU and others forming constituencies. ICANN has given ISOC a full
MS>webpage, called "ncdnhupdate"!
MS>(http://www.icann.org/dnso/ncdhupdate.htm), as if ISOC were already
MS>the Non-Commercial constituency, where ISOC has published comments,
MS>discussion, arguments, and their entire proposal for the
MS>constituency, yet no mention of this has been made to the ICIIU and
MS>the others.

MS>This outrageous favoritism cannot be allowed to pass. I ask each of
MS>you to send a protest, in the strongest words possible, to the ICANN
MS>board against this unfair action. If you will do this, we may yet
MS>have a chance to correct them and make them treat the organizers of
MS>the DNSO constituencies fairly. If we don't, we will be excluded
MS>from the constituency and the DNSO, because ISOC won't permit
MS>individuals to join the NCDNHC (see above webpage), and other
MS>constituency organizers are doing the same, in flagrant violation of
MS>ICANN's bylaws, which assure a place for individuals in the DNSO.

MS>Do not allow ICANN to get away with this. Protest!

to:   IN:membership@icann.org
cc:   IN:msondow@iciiu.org