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[Membership] Announcing APIA Newsletter No.

					[apologies for duplication]

Dear AP-friends and all,

Thank you for your continued support to APIA.

Now, we are pleased to announce that our first Newsletter is now available via 
our website:


We have also prepared a Word version for those who prefer this format.

In this issue, we included: 

  Letter from the Chairman
  Special Report on Internet Y2K
  Report on ICANN
  Editorial on Nepal
  Country Focus - Hong Kong
  and other news and information

Thanks mainly to the effort by our editor, Bertrand Bidaud, and others who 
helped us, this first 'experiment' is now ready to go.

Please give your feedback and comments, suggestions and criticisms to: 

We are also making a printed version.
These will be distributed at the coming conferences: INET99 in San Jose,
CommunicAsia99 in Singapore, and other upcoming events and meetings.

Thanks again,

from The APIA Newsletter Team:

Betranad Bidaud, Editor
Izumi Aizu, Publisher


Pindar Wong, APIA Chair

            <<< Izumi Aizu>>>

Secretary General
Asia and Pacific Internet Association (APIA)

APIA Secretariat office:
7th Storey RELC Building, 30, Orange Grove Road
258352, Singapore
Tel: +65-834-2960 Fax: +65-345-8337
e-mail: apia-sec@apia.org  www.apia.org

My office:
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