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At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)

At Large Advisory Committee Website

ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is responsible for considering and providing advice on the activities of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), as they relate to the interests of individual Internet users (the "At-Large" community). ICANN, as a private sector, non-profit corporation with technical management responsibilities for the Internet's domain name and address system, will rely on the ALAC and its supporting infrastructure to involve and represent in ICANN a broad set of individual user interests.


On 31 October 2002, the ICANN Board adopted New Bylaws that establish the ALAC and authorize its supporting At-Large organizations. (Article XI, Section 2(4) of the New Bylaws.) The New Bylaws, which are the result of ICANN's 2002 reform process, went into effect on 15 December 2002. They call for the ALAC to eventually consist of ten members selected by Regional At-Large Organizations, supplemented by five members selected by ICANN's Nominating Committee. To allow the ALAC to begin functioning immediately, the Transition Article of the Interim Bylaws provides for the Board to appoint ten members (two from each of ICANN's five regions) to an Interim ALAC.

Underpinning the ALAC will be a network of self-organizing, self-supporting At-Large Structures throughout the world involving individual Internet users at the local or issue level. The At-Large Structures (either existing organizations or newly formed for this purpose) will self-organize into five Regional At-Large Organizations (one in each ICANN region – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and North America). The Regional At-Large Organizations will manage outreach and public involvement and will be the main forum and coordination point in each region for public input to ICANN.

Members of the Interim ALAC

On 20 January 2003, the ICANN Board appointed the following individuals to the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee:

Interim ALAC members will serve until a Regional At-Large Organization is established in their respective region and it elects its own members to the permanent ALAC.

On 16 June 2003, the ICANN Nominating Committee appointed the following individuals to the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee:

Term: From Notification of selection - conclusion of the Annual Meeting 2004

Term: From Notification of selection - conclusion of the Annual Meeting 2005

Responsibilities of the Interim ALAC

In addition to serving the advisory role envisioned for the permanent ALAC, the Interim ALAC will assist in the formation and qualification of At-Large Structures and Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs). The At-Large Structures and RALOs will meet requirements such as openness, participatory opportunities, transparency, accountability, and diversity in their structure and procedures.

The Interim ALAC will also appoint non-voting liaisons to the Generic Names Supporting Organization, which will be responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board policies relating to generic top-level domains, and (when ICANN's New Board takes over from the Transition Board) the ICANN Board. It will also select five delegates to ICANN's Nominating Committee, which will select eight of the 15 voting members of the new ICANN Board and also will select individuals to serve in other key positions.

Other activities expected to be undertaken by the Interim (and permanent) ALAC and its supporting organizations include:

  • Proposing criteria and an accreditation process for self-forming At-Large Structures (which will eventually organize RALOs);
  • Approving applications for "At-Large Structure" designation;
  • Proposing a "memorandum of understanding" template to be used to establish RALOs and define their responsibilities with ICANN;
  • Assisting with initial outreach strategies on At-Large and relevant ICANN issues in each geographic region;
  • Publicizing and analyzing ICANN's proposed policies and decisions and their (potential) regional impact and (potential) effect on individuals in the region;
  • Providing advice to various policy-making organizations within ICANN on issues, proposals, and activities that are relevant to individual Internet users and fall within ICANN’s purview; and
  • Offering Internet-based mechanisms and processes that enable discussions among members of At-Large structures and with those involved in ICANN decision-making so interested individuals can share their views on pending ICANN issues.

Information on ALAC and At-Large

Please check this page for periodic updates. For additional information on the ALAC or At-Large activities, contact

ALAC Announcements

ALAC Discussions

The ALAC members conduct much of the committee's business on the ALAC's mailing list. Archives of this list are open to the public.


Background Information on the Members of the Interim ALAC

Erick Iriarte Ahon

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Erick Iriarte Ahon, Perú, Computer Law Specialist,

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: Member of ALAC (Latinoamerica)
Member of Latinoamericann ( Non Commercial Rep, in the Name Council (DNSO) Chair of the Membership Implementation Task Force LAC (in the at-large process)

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: UDRP Review Task Force (DNSO) Transfer Task Force (DNSO) Non Commerical Constituency (Member of the Adcom and Rep. in the Name Council) Member of the ccSO implementation (ccTLD constituency)

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure: Legal Advisor of the ccTLD .PE Advisor for the bylaws of LACTLD and LACNIC

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: Tasks Forces DNSO
Non Commercial Constituency Adcom

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC:

7) Other relevant social, professional experience:

Izumi Aizu

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Izumi Aizu, Asia Network Research Researcher

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: I chaired the membership working group at IFWP Geneva, I was a member of MAC (Membership Advisory Committee) and MITF (Membership Implementation Task Force). I participated NAIS (NGO and Academic ICANN Study) to conduct
AtLarge study called for by ICANN.

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: I have participated all ICANN meetings to date, as well as all 3 IFWP meetings (excluding Buenos Aires), mostly trying to represent voices from Asia, and from the under-represented, including individuals. Under GLOCOM, we have participated Digital Opportunity Task Force coordinated by G8 countries, as the NPO representative from Japan, designated by the Japanese government. Under DOT Force, we have advocated policy issues on digital divide, and help draft the Action Plan to call for support from developing countries representatives to Internet and ICT related policy and standardization issues including Domain Name and IP Address allocation at ICANN.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure: I have participated DNS management policy issues when I was the Secretary General of Asia and Pacific Internet Association, an Asia-wide Industry organization. We organized workshops on DNS/ICANN issues, including AtLarge in such countries as China,Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan. I have also particiapated the Internet Association Japan (IAJ) to bring ICANN related issues to the Japanese ministries (MPT and MITI) during IFWP and ICANN's early days, visited Industry associations including Keidan-ren, to help them understand and participate ICANN process in a wider perspectives. I also initiated Internet Y2K campaign in Asia and Japan, help organize White House Y2K roundtable in the U.S., supported Y2K monitoring operation at the turn of the century, 3-day overnight operation in cooperation with US counterparts, including the government, for
Operation Silent Night.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: As mentioned above, I was chairing the membership working group of IFWP, organized IFWP Singapore meeting as the convenior, Secretary General of APIA, and mmeber of DOT Force and NAIS. These should demostrate my ability and experience in these activities.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: As one of the few "veterans" of ICANN now, I am confident that I will respect the end goal of ICANN as the private sector management of DNS, IP and other Internet resources in open, transparent, and balanced manner. I believe ALAC will serve this purpose with wide, balanced and informed participation of Internet users globally.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: I have been promoting the use of computer networking since 1984 or so, and Internet in Japan and Asia since around 1992, member of ISOC since then, and working on policy issues around Internet, both internationally and in Japan. I believe my service in these activities have been pertinent to the course of ICANN and ALAC.

Vittorio Bertola

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Vittorio Bertola, Italy, Technical manager

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures:
2000 Creator and webmaster of (the only Italian website about ICANN elections)
2000 Most voted candidate from Italy in the first round of European At Large elections
2000-01 Member of the At Large Interim Coordinating Committee (
2000-now Coordinator of the At Large Working Group of Societa' Internet (Italian chapter of ISOC)
2002-now Member of the elected governing panel of, an online organization with 1000+ members from 75+ countries that aims to build proper representation of individual Internet users in ICANN. Elected Chairman of the organization from April to August 2002 and again since November 2002
2002-now Member of the At Large Organizing Committee
2002-now Member of the At Large Advisory Committee Advisory Group

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: I am an active participant to the DNSO General Assembly mailing list. In the past months, I have been submitting comments formally or through the GA list, not only on the At Large issues and the Reform process, but also to various policy task forces, and about other issues such as the relationships with ccTLD registries.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:
2000-01 Elected member of the Bylaws Revision group of the Italian Naming Authority (.it policy body)
2001 Elected member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Naming Authority
2001-now Founder and Board member of European Domain Registry asbl, one of the bidders for the role of .eu registry

I am or have been the owner and/or administrative/technical contact for around 50 domain names, and I have been personally operating domain name servers since 1997.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: As shown above, I have already covered a number of elective or appointive positions in policy-making bodies of various levels, size and type. Other experiences in collective decision-making bodies include a 4-year participation to various governing bodies of the Politecnico (Technical University) di Torino, two of which as a full member of the Board of Directors. I have also been a founder of some local non-profit associations in Italy.

In year 2000, I have participated to the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) for some months. SDMI was a forum collecting representatives from all top worldwide companies in the fields of music production, recording and distribution, consumer electronics, hardware and software production, with the aim of developing consensus-based business policies and technical specifications to protect the distribution of music over the Internet.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: I have been constantly participating to the Reform process with comments and suggestions, some of which made their way into the final structure. I want to continue my commitment so that the ideas that I have contributed to form can be actually tested and implemented in practice.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: Currently, I am President & CTO of Dynamic Fun, a startup company which I have founded, operating in the fields of wireless gaming and wireless marketing.

I have been working for three years (since foundation of the company and until August 2002) as Chief Technical Officer for Vitaminic, the leading European company in the field of digital music distribution.
In this role, I have gained experience in technical management and in intellectual property issues over the Internet; moreover, I have managed the technical and administrative tasks for domain
registration, personally registering domain names in over 40 different registries.

Previous positions held in my career include the responsibility of the helpdesk and technical administration of the internal ISP of the Politecnico di Torino. Also, I have been working as a programmer, system administrator, and system architect for Internet-based service platforms.

Pierre Dandjinou

1) Name, country, profession, email address: DANDJINOU Pierre. BENIN, ICT Policy Advisor, SURF/UNDP

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: I was a member of the At Large Study Committee (ALSC)

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users:

  • I have attended almost all of Icann statutory meetings and was a founding member of the Non Commercial domain name holders constitutency.
  • I was Chair of the Africa component of the Icann membership Committee and consequently was instrumental for information and mobilization of the African professionals during the election of the At large Directors 2 years ago.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:

  • I hold a domain name; I also am a defender of a sound national NIC as a contribution to the smooth operation of the global Internet infrastructure.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development:

  • I have chaired and am still chairing chapters or committees on ICT related issues; I have witnesses most policy development debates related to Icann since its inception and even back to the days of the international Forums on the white paper which gave birth to Icann

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC:

  • As a member of the ALSC, I had the opportunity of studying and reflecting on possible ways of promoting the bylaws and their consecutive amendment to provide more ground for the representation of individual members.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience:

  • I am a member of the Afrinic BoT (Afrinic is the Africa nascent Internet regional registry)
  • Also, I chair the Benin Internet Society Chapter, and the Africa Internet group (AIG); I am also a member of the Advisory Committee of the GIPI (Global Internet policy Initiative)
  • I currently hold the position of an ICT Policy Advisor for Africa and consequently deal with issues pertaining to e-readiness, Internet accessibility, national e-strategies and the Internet Governance

Clement Dzidonu

1) Name, country, profession, email address:
Name: Clement Dzidonu
Country: GHANA
Profession: Full Professor of Computer Science and Chairman, Dept of Computer Science, Valley View University
e-mail address:

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures:

  • Member of the NAIS – The NGO and Academic ICANN Study Group
  • Carried out the Africa Regional NAIS Study and authored the Report

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users:

  • Been involved in the ICANN process since the 1998 INET meeting in Geneva. Attended most ICANN meetings since the Yokohama meeting.
  • Member of the At Large Membership Implementation Task Force (MITF) for the Africa Region and for the International Organizations
  • Was Co-Chair of the Local Organising Committee which Hosted the Accra 2002 ICANN Meeting

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:

  • Been involved in the Internet Scene in Africa since 1995 and been involved in a number of outreached programmes relating to the development of the Internet, ISOC and ICANN within the African continent.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development:

  • Have been involved in numerous group decision making activities in my academic carreer.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC:

  • My involvement in the ICANN process since its incorporation and later the At Large process from the very beginning.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience:

  • Published a number of Journal and Newspaper articles about the Internet and the ICANN process. Also authored a number of Technical and Briefing reports in the area
  • Been in the forefront of the development of the Internet in African Universities.
  • Been involved in a number of ICT related projects and initiatives in Europe and Africa. Currently a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), advising a number of African Governments on their National Information and Communications Technology Policies and Plans. Also served as an ICT consultant to the African Development Bank, and was part of the team which developed the NEPAD Short Term ICT Plan.

Esther Dyson

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Esther Dyson, USA, publisher/writer/IT investor/small business owner,, Website:

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: long and varied! member of ALSC;
long-time promoter of transparency and public involvement in ICANN

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: active in iCANN itself (including as chairman); have written and talked and advised on privacy/confidentiality issues, former chairman of Electronic Frontier Foundation, active in policy matters generally

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:have avoided direct (commercial) involvement in DNS issues in order to maintain neutrality and noncommercial status while involved with ICANN

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: at ICANN and elsewhere; involved in many boards of directors (both commercial and not-for-profit)

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: four years of work trying to make this happen! in a constructive way as much as possible

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: author of Release 2.0, a book about the impact of the Internet on individuals (allowing them to take control of their own lives yet limiting their control over others); extensive work and travel outside the US, especially in emerging markets; speak Russian and French as well as a little German

Xue Hong

LLB, Heilongjiang University, China
LLM, Heilongjiang University, China
Ph.D. of Law, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science, China
Attorney at law
Trademark Agent

Chinese, English

Panelist of Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure, Arbitration and Mediation Center, World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva);
Panelist of Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure, Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (Hong Kong and Beijing);
Panelist of China Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure and China Keyword Dispute Resolution Procedure, Domain Name Dispute Settlement Center, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Center (CIETAC)

Research Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong Associate Professor, Foreign Affairs College

Visiting Professor, Beijing University, Beijing
Visiting Lecturer, Murdoch University, Perth
Attorney, Liu, Shen & Associates, Beijing

Member of Policy and Resource Committee, China Internet Society;
Chair of Dispute Resolution Policy Committee, Asia-Pacific Top Level Domains
Association (APTLD);
Chair of Policy Commission, International Forum for Internet Keyword (IFIK);
Member of International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP);
Member of China Law Committee, UK-China Forum;
Member of Council, China Copyright Society;
Member of Council, Intellectual Property Society, China Law Society;
Member of Council, World Trade Organization Law Society, China Law Society;
Member of Expert Committee, Intellectual Property and Electronic Commerce Committee, China Lawyer Association;
Senior Research Fellow of the Intellectual Property Center, Chinese Academy of Social Science

Sebastián J. Ricciardi

Austria 2618, 5to Piso, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina,


11/1999 – TO DATE. Buenos Aires, Argentina
INDIGO MOBILE S.A. Director, Business Development
Indigo Mobile is the leading company in Argentina working on Mobile Data enabling technologies. It is a small company (20 employees). I'm one of the company co-founders and, as Director of Business Development my areas of responsibility are Sales, Marketing and Strategic Relationship with wireless network operators. We have operations in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Our strategic partners include companies such as Ericsson and IBM. In 18 months we have developed a powerful position determining technology, that is integrated with some location based services and entertainment services for mobile phone users employing Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Short Messaging Service (SMS). Customers include banks, internet companies and wireless network operators as CTI (a Verizon company) in Argentina and SmartcomPCS in Chile.

1/1995 – 10/1999. Buenos Aires, Argentina
HORST S.A. Commercial Manager
Horst is the biggest mushroom farm in Argentina. 28 tons of fresh mushrooms are delivered every day to 100 point of sales, including supermarkets, groceries, restaurants and convenience stores. I started working in the sales area in 1995. In 1997 I was promoted to commercial manager. My achievements at Horst were to position the company as the main supplier of fresh mushrooms, lead the reengineering process in distribution logistics, and implement the ERP company systems, raising our revenues from 400,000 to 1.2 Million in 1999. We have been recognized by BBV Banco Frances and the Invertir Foundation for our quality and innovation.


Attorney at Law. November 1999
Emphasis in contracts and business organizations.


Bilingual Spanish/English. Some knowledge of Italian.
Linux user. Strong expertise in Windows environment, MS Office and publishing tools (Corel Draw, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver). Forecasting tools using MS Excel and bold presentation skills using PowerPoint.
Sound knowledge of data transmission protocols (TCP/IP, WAP, SMS), and good comprehension of cellular telephony fundamentals. (GSM, GPRS, CDMA).
Preparation of legal contracts and other documents related to international business.
Team management experience.
During the last year I have written several articles for electronic magazines regarding WAP, Mobile commerce and mobile entertainment. I have lectured at several conferences in Buenos Aires and Cordoba in Argentina and Santiago de Chile in Chile, covering different topics related to mobile services. (WAP APPLICATIONS, LOCATION BASED SERVICES AND POSITIONING DETERMINING TECHNOLOGIES).

Thomas Roessler

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Thomas Roessler, DE, mathematician, <>.

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: My earliest experience with specific ICANN at-large issues dates back to the initiation of the icann-europe mailing list during the nomination process of the 2000 at-large elections; at that time, I've also co-moderated a chat with the European candidates.

This year, I've been helping with the boot-strapping of the effort, and have been actively participating in numerous discussions around the ALAC, most recently at ICANN's Shanghai meetings, where I've been advocating a more active role of the ALAC in the policy-development process on the SO level.

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: See above. Also, I've been the chairman of the DNSO's General Assembly since early 2002. As a delegate of the GA to the DNSO's
WHOIS task force, I've been trying to bring an individual Internet user's perspective to the task force's discussions. I have designed and implemented a considerable part of the process and tools used by the Task Force to evaluate the free-form answers received in response to the WHOIS survey.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure: I've been an active member of the DNSO's WHOIS Task Force, as detailed above. On the infrastructure side (interpreted broadly), I've been the lead developer of the freely available Mutt mail user agent (see; this software is the work of many contributors) for a number of years. I've been a participant in the ietf-openpgp working group and am one of the co-authors of RFC 3156.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: See above for examples.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: See above.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: I've been an active member of FITUG (a member organization of GILC) since the mid-90s. On behalf of FITUG, I've been participating in discussions with both private and public sector participants on topics such as civil liberties and Internet filtering, export control of freely available cryptographic software, government support for free software projects, and similar issues.

A list of publications on a variety of topics is available at <>.

I'm regularly publishing notes and comments on ICANN in my weblog, at <>.

Wendy Seltzer

Wendy is a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. Prior to joining EFF, Wendy taught Internet Law as an Adjunct Professor at St. John's University School of Law and was an associate with Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, where she practiced intellectual property and technology litigation. She is a 1999 graduate of Harvard Law School, and a 1996 graduate of Harvard College.

Wendy founded and leads the Chilling Effects clearinghouse, a project to study and combat the ungrounded legal threats that chill activity on the Internet. A collaboration among the EFF and law school clinics across the country, the clearinghouse invites recipients and senders of cease and desist notices to submit these notices for analysis, in issue-spotting FAQ-style memos, and inclusion in its database. The website offers resources for Internet users who face legal threats, and, through its collection of data, the clearinghouse hopes to analyze the out-of-court effects of those threats to chill legitimate activity, or, conversely, the extent to which unlawful activity on the Net proves resistant to legal action. Chilling Effects has been featured in the New York Times and Boston Globe.

Wendy also concentrates on the legal issues – licensing and intellectual property rights – presented by open code. She leads the Openlaw project, and its open DVD forum in defense of the DeCSS posters, arguing that technological protections for digital media must accommodate fair use and free speech. Openlaw participants filed an amicus brief in the Southern District of New York in the DeCSS case Universal v. Reimerdes. Wendy later drafted the cryptographers' amicus brief to the Second Circuit in the Reimerdes appeal. Further, Wendy has been involved with the development of the Creative Commons project to offer the public a range of open licenses to promote sharing of creative non-software works.

Invited Presentations:

Wendy continues to work with the open code courseware the Center is developing for classroom use and for the distance lecture and discussion series. Read a description of version 1.0 in action in Teaching with the Bot. From time to time, she also updates the annotation engine, a proxy that predates ThirdVoice in allowing people to post and view notes on remote web pages.

While at Harvard, Wendy led the Berkman Center Representation in Cyberspace Study in conjunction with the ICANN Membership Advisory Committee, and helped to webcast three of ICANN's public meetings. She also led the Center's cybercourse on Privacy in Cyberspace, with Prof. Arthur Miller and was a TF for a college course at UMass Amherst, Law of Cyberspace.

While a student at Harvard, Wendy led the Berkman Center Representation in Cyberspace Study in conjunction with the ICANN Membership Advisory Committee, and helped to webcast three of ICANN's public meetings. She also led the Center's cybercourse on Privacy in Cyberspace, with Prof. Arthur Miller and was a TF for a college course at UMass Amherst, Law of Cyberspace.


Mr. Sunday Folayan is CEO of General Data Engineering Services (GDES), a Nigerian company he co-founded, which builds functional and affordable networks (SKANNET) under Sunday's direction.

He was one of the first people to establish Internet connectivity in Nigeria. Since that first connection was established, Mr. Folayan has turned his attention to bringing the Internet to most of the technology deprived regions of Africa through several African regional network operators organizations including AfriNIC, AfNOG, and AFTLDM, building a community of IP technical resources for Africa's socio-economic development.

He currently serves as Secretary of the Internet Service Providers Association of Nigeria, an association leading the greatest growth in Internet connectivity anywhere in Africa, and is a promoter of the Ibadan Internet Exchange point (IBIX), the first exchange point in Nigeria. He is a long-time member of the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG).

Mr. Folayan is very vocal on issues related to sustainable business development, appropriate technology for developing countries, technological transfer and self help, as a catalyst for technological development in the third world.

He is a member of the Board of Nigeria Junior Chamber (NJC), a Leadership Development and Training organization for young entrepreneurs below the age of 40, which is an affiliate of Junior Chamber International (JCI).


Roberto Gaetano has been an active participant in the Internet and ICANN policy making process since 1997. As a representative of ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute), he played important roles in the formation of CORE (Council of Internet Registrars), the policy discussions around the U.S. Government's "White Paper" (International Forum on the White Paper), and the formation of ICANN's original Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO). He served as one of the first Chairs of the DNSO General Assembly and has focused his efforts in recent years to bring to life a constituency for individual users and registrants.

Mr. Gaetano has almost 30 years of experience in Telecommunications and Information Technology, and he is responsible for application development in an international organization. Mr. Gaetano also spent twelve years at IBM, in both the United States and Europe.

Mr. Gaetano is fluent in five European languages.


Ken Hamma is Senior Advisor to the President for Information Policy of the J. Paul Getty Trust and Assistant Director for Collections Information at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California USA. In these positions, Mr. Hamma oversees the Getty's long term information mangement goals related to the creation, maintenance and use of digital resources for public and scholarly activities in collections, research and philanthropy. He manages the staff and program for Trust's website and for Museum departments of Information and Media Systems, Photo Services, Digital Media, and Information Planning.

Mr. Hamma serves on the Mellon Foundation panel on art conservation digital documentation and the American Association of Museum's Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal. He sits on the Advisory Board of Gallery Systems and the Executive Board of the Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information.

Mr. Hamma was instrumental in the development of the proposal for the .museum TLD and currently serves as one of five board directors of MuseDoma, the sponsoring organization of .museum.


Toshifumi ("Tommy") Matsumoto is Vice-President and Managing Director of AT&T Wholesale in Japan and the Vice-President and Chair of Policy Advisory Council of JPNIC, where he has been involved in the evolution of Japan's ccTLD operations, the promotion of IPv6, and the coordination of INET 2000 and the ICANN forum in Japan in 2001.

A founder and Board Member of JPIX, Mr. Matsumoto worked to start the first Commercial Internet Exchange business in Japan in 1996 and since that time has worked to promote Japan's exchange capabilities to ISPs.

He is a founder and Steering Committee member of Asia-Pacific Next Generation Camp, where he works to find, educate and encourage the young people who will take leadership positions in technology development in the future.


Tadao Takahashi is the founder and former Director of Brazil's National Research Network (RNP), the Academic Internet in Brazil. Since 1999, he has served as Chair of Brazil's National Program for the Information Society. He currently serves as Chair of the Brazilian Chapter of the Internet Society, which he has promoted as a platform for wider participation of Brazil's Internet users in discussions about the future of the Internet. From 1995-1996 and again from 1999-2002, Mr. Takahashi was a member of Brazil's Internet Steering Committee.

Chair of the Latin America and Caribbean Outreach Node of the United Nation's ICT Task Force, Mr. Takahashi has a passion for understanding the needs and interests of individual users on the Internet, particularly those from low-income communities. Working to bring Internet access to children in Latin America's most remote regions, Mr. Takahashi has even negotiated with drug lords for permission to install telecenters for Internet access in regions they control.

Mr. Takahashi also served on ICANN's original Membership Advisory Committee in 1998.

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