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ICANN Membership Implementation Task Force (MITF)

The Membership Implementation Task Force is working to conduct global outreach, recruitment, and education efforts, with the goal of making ICANN's At Large Membership diverse and representative, and its elections fair and transparent.

The first phase of the Task Force includes 11 task groups focusing on membership outreach and recruitment. These 11 task groups consist of 77 volunteers from 44 countries, who bring a remarkable diversity of backgrounds and talents to the work of the Task Force.

Future task groups will be launched as needed in the coming months to support multi-language translation and election operations, such as oversight and monitoring, fraud detection and prevention, and membership information and website design. The objective is to keep the structure and membership of the Task Force fluid, in order to respond to At Large Membership needs as they arise.

In order to tap the energies and enthusiasms of as many volunteers as possible, without overwhelming ICANN's small staff, the structure of the Task Force is distributed into specific task groups. The chairs of the task groups form an overall steering committee to coordinate and share information. The chair of the steering committee, and overall coordinator of the Task Force, is Eric Scace of Moscow, Russia.

Since we expect to add additional task groups and members in the future, interested volunteers are encouraged to contact Andrew McLaughlin.

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