Communiqué of the Governmental Advisory Committee
(2 November 1999)

Communiqué of the Governmental Advisory Committee
2 November 1999
Los Angeles, California, USA

TUESDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 1999 - The Governmental Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers held its fourth meeting today. The attending Committee members, representing 31 national governments, distinct economies as recognised in international fora, and multinational governmental and treaty organisations, issued the following statement:

The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) has had fruitful discussions around substantive issues relating to the usage of the Internet across the worldwide community and the administration of the country code top level domains:

A. With regard to the tentative agreements among ICANN, the United States Department of Commerce, and Network Solutions Incorporated:

The GAC takes note of the tripartite agreements between ICANN, NSI and the US Department of Commerce and the further explanation provided by the United States government.

B. With regard to principles for the delegation of management for country code top level domains:

The GAC continued its discussions of the principles regarding the delegation and management of ccTLDs. This matter will be further considered, taking into account the views expressed in open session by the ccTLD representatives. The GAC will continue its consideration of these issues.

The GAC welcomed the spirit and content of the open session with the ccTLD community and looks forward to further dialogue.

The next face-to-face meeting of the GAC will be set on a date to be determined.

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