Internationalized Domain Names Survey C: Current Services

Internationalized Domain Names Survey C: Current Services

[If you want any of the responses to remain confidential, please so indicate. See the instructions for details.]

1. What IDN services do you currently offer? Please provide materials (such as promotional materials or advertisements) describing these services. How much do you charge for these services, and how do these prices compare with the prices for the non-IDN equivalent?

2. Are you registering [IDN].gTLD, [IDN].ccTLD, or [IDN].[IDN]? Please describe any other domain names you may be registering.

3. Do you register domain names in Latin script as well, or only IDN?

4. Are the IDNs you have registered "live"? That is, can they be resolved in an end-user application, or are you just offering pre-registration of IDNs?

5. If you are not yet live, when do you anticipate going live?

6. What technology do you employ, or do you intend to employ, for your IDN system?

7. As you know, IETF has not yet adopted standards relating to IDN. If adopted, do you intend to comply with these standards when they are adopted? Please explain your policy regarding technical standards.

8. How many registrations have you accepted in each script you register?

9. In what scripts do you accept registrations currently? What other scripts do you anticipate registering in the future?

10. Have you had more complications with certain scripts than with others? What sort of complications?

11. Of the registrants registering IDNs with you, what percentage already have domain names registered in Latin script?

12. Before you began accepting IDN registrations, did you conduct market studies to determine the demand for IDN services? If so, what did the studies reveal?

13.To what extent are you offering IDN services as a defensive measure, i.e., because others are offering these services? To what extent are registrants registering IDNs as a defensive measure, i.e., to prevent cybersquatting?

14. What steps are you taking to prevent cybersquatting? Do you have a "sunrise" mechanism in place? If so, please describe how it works. Do you subscribe to the ICANN UDRP? If not, are you willing to consider agreeing to it, or some variant thereof?

15. Do you offer a WHOIS database? If so, for what purposes? If not, do you intend to do so in the near future?

16. How are you marketing your IDN services? To what extent are customers informed about the tentative nature of current IDN standards and testbeds?

17. Is there anything else we should know?

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