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ICANN President's Advisory Committee for Internationalised Domain Names

This inactive committee was disbanded on 25 June 2010 by ICANN Board resolution -

The ICANN President's Advisory Committee for IDNs was announced on November 23, 2005 pursuant to ICANN Board Resolution 04.71.

Committee resolutions will be posted to ICANN IDN Announcements.


To provide the ICANN Board and Internet community with advice on issues that relate to IDN policies, in particular issues that impact the implementation of IDNs at the top level.


  1. Ensure that the discussions on IDN within the ICANN community contribute to the continued development of the name space.
  2. Ensure that such discussions promote the use of languages on the Internet in a manner that guarantees the Internet's continued stability and interoperability.
  3. Strengthen inclusion, coordination, and collaboration of all organizations involved in IDN discussions and the developing implementation of multilingual domain name solutions.
  4. Ensure that frequent and timely discussions occur between different organizations and stakeholders (technical, political, government, private sector) on challenges in the successful implementation of IDNs in the DNS.
  5. Ensure appropriate evolution of the IDN guidelines, their development into a Best Current Practices (BCP) document, and follow up for its implementation into the DNS hierarchy and within TLDs.


Committee tasks are anticipated to change as IDN implementation matures. The Committee's broad representation will promote coordination of IDN related work that takes place within and outside ICANN's supporting organizations, committees, and stakeholders.

The diversity of member expertise will ensure that the Committee plays a key role in the successful internationalization of the Internet and thus ensures Internet access for all languages.

Initially the Committee is tasked with identifying and proposing solutions to the following main areas:

  1. IDN TLD Challenges: The committee is tasked with analyzing the challenges relating to the implementation of internationalized top level domains and suggestions towards their resolution.
  2. IDN Technical Development Challenges: The committee is tasked with providing the ICANN President (and staff) with a list of technical barriers and opportunities to the continued development of IDNs and which the community is expecting ICANN to handle or take part in handling.
  3. IDN Policy Challenges: The Committee is tasked with developing and providing the ICANN President (and staff) with recommendations on how IDN policy issues should be handled, the use of existing policy development processes, and the definition of specific IDN policy processes.


Some member seats are intended for specific constituencies and as such the individual on the seat may change over time. Further, individuals in addition to those listed below have been invited and as ICANN receives acknowledgements the list will be updated.

(In alphabetical order)

Mouhamet Diop
CEO, Next SA

Prof Hualin Qian
Professor, Computer Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Paul Twomey
President and CEO, ICANN

(In alphabetical order)

Pankaj Agrawala
Joint Secretary, Communication and Information Technology Ministry, India

Mohammed El Bashir
Chairman , Sudan Internet Society

Erin Chen
Internet Engineer, TWNIC

Alex Corenthin
Departement Genie Informatique, Ecole Superieure Polytechnique

Mark Davis
President, Unicode Consortium and Chief SW Globalization Architect, IBM

Michael Everson
CEO, Evertype

Patrik Fältström
Member, Internet Architecture Board and Corporate Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems

Mansour Farah
Senior Information Technology Officer, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Khaled Fattal
Chairman and CEO, Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC)

Hirofumi Hotta
Director, Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

Pat Kane
Senior Product Manager, Verisign

Cary Karp
President and CEO, MuseDoma

Yoav Keren
CEO, Domain The Net Technologies Ltd.

Cedarampattu (Ram) Mohan
Vice President, Business Operations, Afilias

Mr. Kraisorn Pornsutee
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

Imad Sabouni
General Manager, Syrian Telecom

Michel Suignard

Hong Xue
Asia/Australia/Pacific Region, ALAC

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