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ICANN Nominating Committee


Committee's Charge

The Nominating Committee has adopted the following Charge:

"The Nominating Committee of ICANN is responsible for the selection of all ICANN Directors except the President and those Directors selected by ICANN's Supporting Organizations, and for such other selections as are set forth in the Bylaws. For the selection of Directors, the Bylaws set forth criteria for selection, additional qualifications, international representation, diversity, terms of service, and eligibility factors. Certain of these criteria are also applicable for the other selections the Nominating Committee is asked to make. The Bylaws also set forth criteria for selection of Nominating Committee Delegates, and state some specific requirements for the GNSO Council and At Large Advisory Committeel (ALAC) selections made by the Nominating Committee.

The Bylaws also state that the Nominating Committee shall adopt such operating procedures as it deems necessary, which shall be published on the Website.

The Nominating Committee is designed to function independently from the Board, the Supporting Organizations, and Advisory Committees. Nominating Committee members act only on behalf of the interests of the global Internet community and within the scope of the ICANN mission and responsibilities assigned to it by the ICANN Bylaws.

Members contribute to the Nominating Committee both their understanding of the broad interests of the Internet as a whole and their knowledge and experience of the concerns and interests of the Internet constituencies which have appointed them. The challenge for the Nominating Committee is to integrate these perspectives and derive consensus in its selections. Although appointed by Supporting Organizations and other ICANN entities, individual Nominating Committee members are not accountable to their appointing constituencies. Members are, of course, accountable for adherence to the Bylaws and for compliance with the rules and procedures established by the Nominating Committee."

Members of the Committee

The Nominating Committee's members are: Christian Ahlert, Mark Bohannon, Leopoldo Brandt, Pavan Duggal, Brett Fausett, Grant Forsyth, Henning Grote, Don Heath, Didier Kasole, Ram Mohan, Mike Roberts, Mike St. Johns, Anthony Staley, Marc Schneiders, Antonio Tavares, German Valdez, Danny Weitzner, Christopher Wilkinson, Linda Wilson (Chair), and Pindar Wong (Associate Chair).

Click here for background information on the Nominating Committee members.

Positions Filled by Nominating Committee in 2003

  Positions/Terms Nominees


Three seats - 26 June 2003 to conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2003[*].

Masanobu Katoh (Japan - Asia/Australia/Pacific)
Veni Markovski (Bulgaria/Macedonia - Europe)
Hualin Qian (China - Asia/Australia/Pacific)

Three seats - 26 June 2003 to conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2004. Ivan Moura Campos (Brazil - Latin America/Caribbean islands)
Vinton Cerf (USA - North America)
Tricia Drakes (UK - Europe)
Two seats - 26 June 2003 to conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2005.

Thomas Niles (U.S.A - North America)
Njeri Rionge (Kenya - Africa)

Three seats - from conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2003, to conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2006. Hagen Hultzsch (Germany - Europe)
Veni Markovski (Bulgaria/Macedonia - Europe)
Hualin Qian (China - Asia/Australia/Pacific)

GNSO Council

One seat - From time of selection until conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2004.

Amadeu Abril i Abril (Spain - Europe)

Two seats - From time of selection until conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2005. Demi Getschko (Brazil - Latin America/Caribbean islands)
Alick Wilson (New Zealand - Asia/Australia/Pacific)

At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)

Two seats - From time of selection until conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2004.

Roberto Gaetano (Italy - Europe)
Kenneth Hamma (U.S.A. - North America)

Three seats - From time of selection until conclusion of ICANN annual meeting, 2005. Sunday Folayan (Nigeria - Africa)
Toshifumi (Tommy) Matsumoto (Japan - Asia/Australia/Pacific)
Tadao Takahashi (Brazil - Latin America/Caribbean islands)

[*] ICANN annual meetings take place in the fourth quarter of each calendar year.


Milestones Schedule
  • Formal Call for Recommendations and Statements of Interest

5 April 2003

  • Closing Date for submissions to be assured of full consideration

5 May 2003

  • Final Selections Announced

16 June 2003

Nominating Committee Procedures

The Nominating Committee has issued procedures (dated 10 April 2003), which include a code of ethics for NomCom members, the NomCom's role and objectives, and its operating procedures.

The Nominating Committee has posted the Charge to its Subcommittee on Conflicts of Interest (dated 3 May 2003).

Committee Announcements

Frequently Asked Questions

On 29 April 2003, the Nominating Committee posted responses to Frequently Asked Questions, Version 2.1. These update Version 1.0 (which was posted on 16 April 2003), Version 2.0 (which was posted on 24 April 2003), and Version 2.1 (which was posted on 29 April 2003). Addtional updates and supplements will be posted from time to time.


Relevant ICANN Bylaws

Click here for a page collecting the provisions of the ICANN Bylaws relating to the Nominating Committee.

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