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Theresa Swinehart

20 April 2004

Theresa joined ICANN in 2001 as Counsel for International Legal Affairs, where her work involved ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee, country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), and other global coordination activities.

In February 2004, Theresa was appointed General Manager, Global Partnerships at ICANN. In this capacity, she leads ICANN's efforts in globally coordinating ICANN's planning activities and work with regional communities. Theresa continues to lead ICANN's outreach activities, building relationships with all interested participants and regional organizations (both those in the private sector and governmental organizations). Theresa is also in the process of concluding her work with the ccNSO launching group.

Prior to joining ICANN, Theresa was Director for Global E-Commerce at MCI, responsible for international issues relating to e-commerce, such as data protection, ISP liability, and monitoring emerging technical areas such as ENUM (telephone numbering on the Internet). Theresa also actively participated in the global Internet community's discussions that led to the 1998 transition of the Domain Name System to private sector management and the establishment of ICANN and served as a North American representative on the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization's Names Council from 1999-2001.

Theresa is fluent in English and German, and conversant in other languages. She holds a law degree from American University (USA), Washington College of Law (USA), a postgraduate degree in International Studies from Universität Wien (Austria), and a BA in International Relations from the University of California, Davis (USA).

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