Reconsideration Request 02-3
Recommendation of the Committee
Date: 17 June 2002



On 27 February 2002, Tony So submitted reconsideration request 02-3, entitled "Recovery of stolen domain name; www.xtronx.com". It appears that the domain name xtronix.com was registered by Mr. So and then re-registered to another person contrary to Mr. So's wishes. The action requested was as follows: "We would like ICANN to return the domain name www.xtronx.com back to us until an investigation is completed as to the steps that were taken by www.register.com to notify us [of the re-registration]." There was no indication, however, that the request was directed to any action of ICANN.

On 8 March 2002, a request was sent to Mr. So seeking clarification of the reconsideration request. No clarifying response has been received.

Analysis of Request for Reconsideration

It appears from Whois data that the domain xtronix.com is once again registered to Mr. So, with eNom as sponsoring registrar. In view of these circumstances, the Reconsideration Committee recommends that the Board take no action on reconsideration request 02-3.

The Committee notes, however, that unintentional deletions of domain names, as presented by this request, have arisen with increasing frequency in recent months. Under current policies, there is little ICANN can do to remedy these situations. The increasing prevalence of these situations, however, has prompted the staff to propose instituting a "Redemption Grace Period" policy, under which registrants not intending to delete names have a thirty-day period to redeem them. At its Accra meeting, the Board authorized the convening of a technical steering group, which has published a concrete implementation proposal for consideration at the ICANN meeting to be held 24-28 June 2002.

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