Reconsideration Request 02-2
Request for Supplementation
Sent: 2 February 2002

From: Louis Touton
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2002 4:13 PM
To: admin@consumer.net
Subject: Your Reconsideration Request

Dear Mr. Smith:

Your reconsideration request dated 1 February 2002 has been received and designated as request number RR 02-2. It has been posted at <http://www.icann.org/committees/reconsideration/smith-request-01feb02.htm>.

Based on an initial review of the request, it appears that it does not provide some of the information required by ICANN's reconsideration policy. That policy, which is posted at <http://www.icann.org/committees/reconsideration/recon-policy-04mar99.htm>, provides that the following information must be provided in any reconsideration request:

"No particular form is required, but requesting parties must include at least the following information:

- [1] name, address, and contact information for the requesting party, including postal and email addresses;
- [2] the specific action of ICANN for which review or reconsideration is sought;
- [3] the date of the action;
- [4] the manner by which the requesting party will be affected by the action;
- [5] whether a temporary stay of the action is requested;
- [6] what specific steps the requesting party asks ICANN to take - i.e., whether and how the action should be reversed, cancelled, or modified;
- [7] the grounds on which the action should be reversed, cancelled, or modified; and
- [8] any documents the requesting party wishes to submit in support of its request."

(The bracketed numbers above have been supplied to simplify references.)

The lack of this data makes it difficult for the reconsideration committee to assess whether any action should be taken. In particular, it appears that your request provides either no information or insufficiently specific information in response to items [2], [3], [6], and [7]. Please note that the reconsideration committee has recently stated that failure to provide sufficiently clear and specific information makes it difficult for the committee to recommend that any action be taken in response to a reconsideration request. <http://www.icann.org/committees/reconsideration/rc01-4.htm#AnalysisofVeriosReconsiderationRequest>

It would be helpful if you would supplement your request as to items [2], [3], [6], and [7]. To allow you time to submit supplemental information, the committee will not act on your request for seven days, until 9 February 2002.


Louis Touton

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