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ICANN Reconsideration Request System

Thank you for visiting the Reconsideration Request System. Any person or entity may submit a request for reconsideration or review of an ICANN action or inaction ("Reconsideration Request") to the extent that he, she, or it have been adversely affected by:

  1. one or more staff actions or inactions that contradict established ICANN policy(ies); or
  2. one or more actions or inactions of the ICANN Board that have been taken or refused to be taken without consideration of material information, except where the party submitting the request could have submitted, but did not submit, the information for the Board's consideration at the time of action or refusal to act.

All Reconsideration Requests must be submitted within thirty days after:

  1. for requests challenging Board actions, the date on which information about the challenged Board action is first published in a preliminary report or minutes of the Board's meetings; or
  2. for requests challenging staff actions, the date on which the party submitting the request became aware of, or reasonably should have become aware of, the challenged staff action; or
  3. for requests challenging either Board or staff inaction, the date on which the affected person reasonably concluded, or reasonably should have concluded, that action would not be taken in a timely manner.

To protect against abuse of the reconsideration process, a request for reconsideration may be dismissed by the Reconsideration Committee where it is repetitive, frivolous, non-substantive, or otherwise abusive, or where the affected party had notice and opportunity to, but did not, participate in the public comment period relating to the contested action, if applicable. Likewise, the Reconsideration Committee may dismiss a request when the requesting party does not show that it will be affected by ICANN's action.

ICANN shall absorb the normal administrative costs of the reconsideration process. It reserves the right to recover from a party requesting review or reconsideration any costs which are deemed to be extraordinary in nature. When such extraordinary costs can be foreseen, that fact and the reasons why such costs are necessary and appropriate to evaluating the Reconsideration Request shall be communicated to the party seeking reconsideration, who shall then have the option of withdrawing the request or agreeing to bear such costs.

The Board shall not be bound to follow the recommendations of the Reconsideration Committee. The final decision of the Board shall be made public as part of the preliminary report and minutes of the Board meeting at which action is taken.

Full details on the reconsideration process are available at

Requests submitted through this facility will be forwarded to the Board's Reconsideration Committee for handling, and the progress of your request will be tracked. All Reconsideration Requests will be posted on ICANN's website (see

To submit a Reconsideration Request, please begin by entering your name and email address below:

Privacy Notice:
This report form requests your personal data and records your IP address in order to prevent frivolous reports or other misuse of this system. You will be receiving a confirmation email to the address you provide, and we may use your email address to contact you to follow-up on the status of your request.

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