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Security Committee Charter

Approved: 14 March 2002

At its meeting on 14 March 2002, the ICANN Board approved the following charter for the ICANN Committee on Security and Stability:

Committee on Security and Stability Charter

The Committee on Security and Stability will advise the ICANN community and Board on matters relating to the security and integrity of the Internet's naming and address allocation systems. Reporting directly to the Board, the Committee is chartered is to undertake the following tasks:

  • To develop a security framework for Internet naming and address allocation services that defines the key focus areas, and identifies where the responsibilities for each area lie. The committee will focus on the operational considerations of critical naming infrastructure.

  • To communicate on security matters with the Internet technical community and the operators and managers of critical DNS infrastructure services, to include the root name server operator community, the top-level domain registries and registrars, the operators of the reverse delegation trees such as and, and others as events and developments dictate. The Committee will gather and articulate requirements to offer to those engaged in technical revision of the protocols related to DNS and address allocation and those engaged in operations planning.

  • To engage in ongoing threat assessment and risk analysis of the Internet naming and address allocation services to assess where the principal threats to stability and security lie, and to advise the ICANN community accordingly. The Committee will recommend any necessary audit activity to assess the current status of DNS and address allocation security in relation to identified risks and threats.

  • To communicate with those who have direct responsibility for Internet naming and address allocation security matters (IETF, RSSAC, RIRs, name registries, etc.), to ensure that its advice on security risks, issues, and priorities is properly synchronized with existing standardization, deployment, operational, and coordination activities. The Committee will monitor these activities and inform the ICANN community and Board on their progress, as appropriate.

  • To report periodically to the Board on its activities.

  • To make policy recommendations to the ICANN community and Board.

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