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President's Task Force on Simultaneous Language Translation

President's Statement

At the ICANN Public Forum in Stockholm, I announced my intention to form a President's Task Force on Simultaneous Language Translation. I am pleased to announce the members of that Task Force as follows:

Pilar Luque (Chair)
Jocelyn Nadeau
Mustafa A. Nasereddin
Yumi Ohashi
Pierre Ouedraogo
Albert Wang

I thank these individuals for their willingness to join this Task Force and look forward to their recommendations.

The current charter of the Task Force is appended.

M. Stuart Lynn
President and CEO

Task Force Charter

ICANN is an international organization representing global interests. English is the official language for both meetings and documents, but this may disadvantage many in the ICANN community for whom English is not their first language. Many have expressed the desire for at least parts of ICANN's meetings to be simultaneously translated to facilitate comprehension and communications.

The President of ICANN, therefore, has convened a Simultaneous Language Translation (SLT) Task Force to:

1. Verify if SLT is feasible, that is, do the means exist to conduct SLT at all ICANN meetings at a reasonable cost, and what limitations exist.

2. Determine the actual costs of various feasible SLT approaches.

3. Determine the most cost effective means to provide simultaneous language translation (SLT).

4. Recommend for which parts of which ICANN meetings should be SLT be provided.

5. Recommend which languages should be selected.

6. Recommend a self-funding financial model for funding SLT, such as one based on sponsorship or grants.

7. Recommend a self-organizing approach to the implementation of the proposed SLT model, and identify the impact, if any, on ICANN staff.

8. Recommend an overall implementation plan and schedule.

The SLT Task Force shall be composed of approximately six members drawn from the international community.

The goal shall be for the Task Force to complete its recommendations by the time of the ICANN Board of Directors meeting in Montevideo with the aim of starting regular SLT services by the time of the ICANN Annual Meeting in Marina del Rey in November should a feasible plan be developed.

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