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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the new non-profit corporation that was formed to take over responsibility for the IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions now performed under U.S. Government contract by IANA and other entities.

The Board of ICANN will be composed of nineteen Directors: nine At-Large Directors, nine to be nominated by Supporting Organizations, and the President/CEO (ex officio). The nine At-Large Directors of the Initial Board are serving one-year terms and will be succeeded by At-Large Directors elected by an at-large membership organization.

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Initial Board of Directors 


  • Esther Dyson, Interim Chairman
  • Geraldine Capdeboscq
  • George Conrades
  • Greg Crew
  • Frank Fitzsimmons
  • Hans Kraaijenbrink
  • Jun Murai
  • Michael Roberts
  • Eugenio Triana
  • Linda S. Wilson


  • Josh Elliott - Manager of Administration, IANA Administrator
  • Andrew McLaughlin - Senior Adviser; Interim Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Joyce K. Reynolds - Manager of Publications
  • Michael M. Roberts - Interim President and CEO
  • Suzanne Woolf - Technical Operations


Contact Info

Media Inquiries

In Memoriam Jonathan B. Postel


Corporate Documents

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws or (Archived Bylaws Revisions)
  • Memorandum of Understanding Between ICANN and U.S. Department of Commerce (25 November 1998)

Corporate Policies

  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Reconsideration Policy

Financial Information

  • Current Budget for 1999-2000
  • Financial Reports
  • Loan Agreements

Background Documents

  • ICANN Fact Sheet
  • ICANN Background Points
  • Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  • Overview of ICANN's Structure


  • Status Report to the U.S. Department of Commerce (June 15, 1999)

ICANN Policy Documents (ICP Series)

  • ICP-1: Internet Domain Name System Structure and Delegation

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