ICANN Meetings in Year 2001

Call for Proposals

ICANN is actively seeking proposals from organizations interested in hosting one of ICANN's meetings in the year 2001. In the Internet's tradition of bottom-up self-organization, ICANN relies on the efforts of local Internet organizations and/or ad hoc host committees to make its meetings possible.

The Board has tentatively decided to hold its meetings according to the following schedule and regional rotation:

  March 2001 South Asia/Pacific (possibly Australia)
  June 2001 Europe
  September 2001 Latin America/Caribbean
  November 2001 West Coast United States or Canada




General meeting requirements are described on this page.

Proposals and inquiries should be sent via email to Andrew McLaughlin <ajm@icann.org>. For the March 2001 meeting, proposals should be sent no later than 31 July, 2000.

Elements of an ICANN meeting

ICANN meetings run at least four days. A set of ICANN meeting typically runs four days:

Day 1 - Orientation session for new participants; Advisory Committees; DNSO Constituencies and Working Groups; Governmental Advisory Committee

Day 2 - Advisory Committees; DNSO Names Council and General Assembly; Governmental Advisory Committee

Day 3 - ICANN Public Forum

Day 4 - ICANN Board of Directors meeting (open to public observation)

Days 1 and 2 entail a range of differently sized rooms (detailed below). Days 2, 3, and 4 require a large auditorium with Internet connectivity suitable for webcasting (see below). The large auditorium, and all locally-provided facilities associated with it, must also be available starting on "Day 0" to allow two full days of setup.

By way of example, previous ICANN meetings have been held in Yokohama, Cairo, Los Angeles, Santiago, Berlin, and Singapore. Local sponsors and hosts have provided essential equipment, logistical, and financial support in each of those locations.

Financial Considerations

As a small non-profit organization, ICANN asks the local host organization (or committee) to provide substantial in-kind support for the costs of a set of meetings. For some past meetings, the local hosts have secured sponsorships from local sources; for others, a local host organization has assumed responsibility for providing the necessary meeting space, equipment, personnel, and logistical support. ICANN will independently seek sponsors from the broader Internet community to offset the costs of Board travel and expenses, webcasting services, receptions, and coffee breaks.

ICANN's objective is to keep its direct expenses as low as possible (i.e., as close to zero as possible). One of the most important factors in choosing a meeting location will necessarily be the ability of the local organization or host committee to provide (directly or through local sponsors) the necessary meeting space, equipment, personnnel, and logistical support.

At a minimum, ICANN asks the local host organization to divide responsibilities as follows:

ICANN Meeting Requirements

The requirements for ICANN meetings are divided into nine categories: Rooms, Electrical, Audio, Video, Telephone, Network, Computer Hardware, Live Streaming, and Personnel.







Computer Hardware:

Live Streaming:


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