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ICANN Security Awareness Resource Locator

All stakeholders should learn how to protect themselves, their families, or their organizations against online threats. The resources on this page can help consumers, business or IT professionals avoid online threats or harm and make informed choices regarding (personal) data disclosure or protection.

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Child or Consumer Online Safety

Get Safe Online

This consumer safety information site explains how consumers or average Internet users can protect themselves or their families against fraud, identity theft, and other online threats. The site offers very simple, straightforward articles on a large number of consumer online safety issues.

Stay Safe Online

A consumer safety information site that also has materials for teaching K-12 students how to be safe online.

Stop. Think. Connect.

A national public awareness campaign site designed to increase the public's understanding of cyber threats and empowering digital citizens to be safer and more secure online.

Kid's Health

A health and wellness information site with online safety tips. Explains the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Available in Spanish.

Malta's Be Smart Online!

This project provides online safety advice for Kids, Teens, Parents and Educators. It also provides contact points in Malta for reporting Internet abuse, and where to find victim support.

Australia Stay Smart Online

This online safety and security website is designed to help everyone understand online risks, threats, and explains measures that children, parents, educators, and businesses can take to avoid harm and protect personal or financial information online.

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Information aimed to help parents understand the threats of child exploitation or harm. Explains signs that may indicate that a child is at risk online and how to respond. Interpol's Crimes Against Children site and Europol's Child Sexual Exploitation fact sheet provide complementary information.

National Cyber Awareness System

The US CERT National security awareness system provides information about common security issues, tips for non-technical computer users, and articles for home and business users.

Microsoft Family Safety Center

The Family Safety Center offers fact sheets, presentations, ebooks, articles and papers to help families understand cyber-bullying, responsible use of social media and online gaming, and how to use online safety settings in Microsoft products.

Security Awareness for government agencies, organizations and businesses

STH. End User Training

The SANS Secure The Human project offers modular, online computer-based security awareness training programs for End Users. Each module consists of a video, newsletter, poster and screensaver.

National Cyber Awareness System

The US CERT National security awareness system provides information about common security issues government users are likely to encounter, including training and best practices.

Stay Safe Online

The Keep My Business Safe section of this site includes tip sheets, security planning or training guides, and articles describing how to's (how to assess your risk, conduct security assessments, monitor threats, or report incidents).

Information Warfare Site

IWS offers a security awareness toolbox and very good paper describing the key elements of a security awareness program.

Cisco Systems Security Education Program

Cisco offers a Create Your Own Security Program to assist organizations that want to create and implement a security education. The program describes the necessary steps to implementation, from defining a strategy to planning and rollout, with insights on how to measure your program's effectiveness.

Microsoft Security Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit includes a planning guide, templates, reference materials, a customizable awareness presentation and example awareness campaigns.

Infragard Awareness Programs

Infragard offers workplace security and home safety awareness programs. Organizations that implement the workplace training program will satisfy the PCI employee security awareness training compliance requirement.

National Institute of Health Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training

A set of online training modules that cover general security awareness, privacy, and information security for healthcare industry users, executives, managers, and IT administrators. The Indian Health Service has a similar online training program.

National Institute for Science and Technology

NIST 800-50: Security Awareness and Training Program provides guidelines for government agency security awareness and training programs. NIST 800-16: Information Technology Security Training Requirements is a comprehensive document that can be used for generally any organization's security awareness programs.

ENISA Information Security Awareness Materials

ENISA has published a User's Guide, How to Raise Information Security Awareness, and offers training videos, posters, screen savers, and illustrations (cartoons) in several EU languages (French, English, German, Spanish).

CERT Moldova (in Romanian)

CERT Moldova provides security awareness and best practices tips for a wide range of audiences.

CERT Sri Lanka

CERT Sri Lanka offers a knowledge base with information security policy domains, FAQs, general online safety tips, social media best practices and security tools.

ICT GOZO Malta Cyber Awareness

This site offers online safety resources for kids, teens, parents, educators, businesses (Work Force Training Videos, Resources for Small Business), and techies in all European Union languages.

Awareness Posters, Infographics, Presentations, Videos

STH. Secure the Human

Security Intelligence

End User Security Awareness Presentation, Cristian Mihai, PWC

How to Build a Winning Security Awareness Program, CommLab India

Creating a Meaningful Security Awareness Program

eMail Security Awareness, Dale Rapp

Social Engineering Audit and Security Awareness, CBIZ Inc

CyberSecurity Awareness for Students, Kandarp Shah

Google Security Awareness Videos

Raising information security awareness, TerraNova Training

Security Awareness Videos at (in Portuguese)

Oman CERT Security Awareness Video Channel (in Arabic)

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