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ICANN Accra Meeting Topic: ICANN Reform

Posted: 7 March 2002

One topic to be discussed at the ICANN Public Forum to be held in Accra, Ghana, on 13 March 2002 is ICANN reform. For some time, various proposals have been discussed within the ICANN community about ways its structure and processes might be revised.

President's Reform Proposal. On 24 February 2002, ICANN's President Stuart Lynn submitted a proposal for reform of ICANN entitled, "ICANN – The Case for Reform". The proposal suggests a sweeping series of structural and process reforms for ICANN intended to allow it to become effective in fulfilling its mission. The proposal, which has prompted thoughtful discussion in the ICANN community, can be read by clicking the link below.

Click here to read "President's Report: ICANN – The Case for Reform".

Announcements concerning the paper and the process for discussing it have also been posted on the ICANN web site:

On 6 March 2002, Stuart Lynn gave a presentation on his reform proposals at Apricot 2002 in Bangkok, Thailand:

Here is a diagram of the structure proposed in the paper:

Proposed Structure


Toward a Statement of ICANN's Mission. Many have suggested that a positive step in understanding, discussing, and implementing ICANN reforms would be development of a mission statement for ICANN. To provide a factual baseline for the community's discussion of how ICANN's mission is most appropriately stated, ICANN staff has prepared a summary of activities ICANN currently performs. It may be read by clicking the link below.

Click here to read "Toward a Statement of the ICANN Mission".

The Discussion Process.

The President's reform proposal and the ICANN mission will be discussed extensively at ICANN's March 2002 meeting in Accra, Ghana, including at the ICANN Public Forum on 13 March 2002. The official written comment period will start after the Ghana meeting, and a formal facility for providing comments will be announced at that time.

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