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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) (abbreviated as CNNIC) is an administration and service organization set up on June 3, 1997 upon the approval of the competent authority and undertakes the responsibilities as the national Internet network information center. In light of the policies of "providing efficient and application-oriented services through secure & stable Internet infrastructure for public interests”, CNNIC, as an important constructor, operator and administrator of infrastructure in Chinese information society, is responsible for operation, administration and services of fundamental Internet resources, undertakes R&D and security work of fundamental Internet resources, conducts research on Internet development and provides consultancy, and promotes the cooperation and technological exchange of global Internet in an effort to become a world-class network information center.


China Organizational Name Administration Center(CONAC) is a non-profit organization established in March 2008. It is affiliated to E-government Center of China State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform (SCOPSR). SCOPSR, an executive organ of the State Commission for Public Sector Reform led by the Premier of the State Council, is responsible for administrative reform, accountability stipulation and reorganization of government and public interest organizations.

ISOC China

Internet Society of China (ISC) was inaugurated on 25th May, 2001. As an industrial non-profit organization, the main mission of ISC is to promote development of Internet and make efforts on constructing an advanced information society in China. ISC is expected to be a link among the community to make efforts benefiting the whole industry, to push forward industry self-discipline, to strengthen communication and cooperation between its members, to provide support for policy-making, and to promote Internet application and public awareness. ISC has more than 400 members coming from legal companies, research institutes, academic associations, universities and organizations engaged in various activities related with Internet.