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May 25-27 Berlin Meeting Details

Planning for ICANN's May meeting in Berlin is progressing rapidly -- relevant details will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

ICANN's Berlin meetings will be held at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin. For more information on the Hotel Adlon and other suggested hotels, click here.

May 25, 1999 -- Advisory Committees, DNSO Constituency Groups and DNSO General Assembly Meetings

Advisory Committees. The following ICANN committees will meet in Berlin on May 25:

  • Governmental Advisory Committee
  • Membership Advisory Committee
DNSO Constituency Groups.  DNSO Constituency Groups.  In order to facilitate organizational meetings for the seven self-organizing constituencies of the Domain Name Supporting Organization, ICANN has reserved a meeting room for each constituency at the Hotel Adlon during the morning of May 25, 1999. ICANN has been posting statements submitted by the various DNSO constituency formation efforts as they have been received. To review and comment on these statements, see The DNSO Constituency Group Formation Process.

DNSO General Assembly. In addition, the first meeting of the DNSO General Assembly will be held in the afternoon on May 25, 1999. 

May 26 -- 1999, ICANN Open Meeting

The ICANN Board of Directors will hold a day-long public meeting in Berlin.  This meeting requires no preregistration and is open to all interested persons. For those unable to attend in person, remote participation in the meeting will also be possible via the Internet.  The meeting agenda will include discussion of the following items that have been or will soon be posted for public comment at

The tentative agenda for the meeting is (posted May 5, 1999): May 27, 1999 -- ICANN Board Meeting

The ICANN Board of Directors will meet to discuss and vote on any pending resolutions with regard to (tentative agenda posted May 5, 1999):

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