Fast Flux Hosting Briefing -­ Recording and Presentation Available Online

6 June 2008

"Fast flux" is an evasion technique that
cyber-criminals and Internet miscreants use to evade identification and to
frustrate law enforcement and anticrime efforts aimed at locating and shutting
down web sites used for illegal purposes. Fast flux hosting supports a wide
variety of cyber-crime activities (fraud, identity theft, online scams) and is
considered one of the most serious threats to online activities today. One
variant of fast flux hosting, "double flux", exploits the domain name
registration and name resolution services.

(113) ISOC New York (EN) [PDF, 121K]

19 May 2008
Status: Step VII - Certified as At-Large Structure

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AL.ALAC/2007/SD/7.Rev1 Modification to Process for ALS Application Handling

4 September 2007

AL.ALAC/2007/SD/2.Rev7 Guidelines for Evaluation of ALS Applications

23 July 2007

(112) Arab Regional ISPs & DSPs Association (ARISPA) (EN) [PDF, 305K]

21 April 2008
Status: Step III -- ALAC conducting due diligence

ALAC Trifold - English

ALAC Submits Statements to the ICANN Board on GNSO Improvements, Operating Plan and Budget Framework, and Volunteer Travel

5 May 2008

The At-Large Advisory Committee has submitted three statements to the Board of Directors of ICANN. The statements cover:

Don't Miss Your Chance to Provide Input to the Independent Review of ALAC!

24 April 2008

ICANN has previously invited comments or feedback from individuals or organisations wishing to make submissions to Westlake Consulting Limited ('WCL'), in relation to its Independent Review of the At-Large Advisory Committee ('ALAC'). The closing date for such submissions was Friday 18th April.

WCL has received a significant number of such comments, and advises that it is willing to consider late submissions until Friday 2nd May. This date will allow WCL to complete its Review and present it at ICANN Paris, 22-26 June.

Current Issues

Policy Working Groups

The At-Large Community is in the process of implementing a series of
working groups on the various areas of policy under discussion
throughout ICANN. The whole community is invited to participate - See
the Policy Working Groups page and be a part of the future of:

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