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IDNA Protocol Transition & Experiences

Thu 09 Dec 2010 - 09:00 - 10:30
Barahona 2

Session Leader

Tina Dam
Senior Director, IDNs

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This session is intended to serve as an informational interaction between all those interested in IDN registrations, and this time with a particular focus on registry activities related to the recently revised IDNA protocol.

The IDNA protocol is the technical standard that provides a basis for the implementation of IDNs for TLD registries, registrars and any software developers that wish to make IDNs available for their customers. The IDNA protocol references and some more details about the revision can be found here:

In connection with the IDNA protocol revision, the working group that previously have been developing the IDN Guidelines have met and discussed in particular the transition efforts needed for those that have implemented the old version of the IDNA protocol, and now need to make the upgrade to the new version. The Guidelines serve as additional recommendations for practical implementation efforts for IDNs. The IDN Guidelines are a requirement for gTLD and IDN ccTLD registries to follow, and in addition several ccTLD registries follow them. The outcome of the latest Working Group meeting will be released here to enable a better discussion in Cartagena. Pending the discussion in Cartagena these draft revised Guidelines may be released for public comments after which they could be turned into the next official version.

The current version of the IDN Guidelines is available here:

The revised version, to enable discussions in this session, will be made available here: []

Who Should Attend? | The session is intended for anyone with an interest in the practical technical and operational aspects of IDN implementation and registration, in particular TLD registries that have or are interested in implementing IDNs, and registrars that are or are interested in offering IDN registrations. The session will be continued at future ICANN meetings if it is of interest to its participants.

Agenda Details:

1. Introductions, Tina Dam, Senior Director IDNs at ICANN

2. AusRegistry experience, Chris Wright

3. Telnic experience, Vladimir Shadrunov

4. .РФ Technical Center of Internet, Marina Nikerova

5. Afilias experience, Michael Young

There will be open microphone available for interactions throughout the session.