Posted: 27 October 2003

An overview of discussions from the WSIS

October 29th, 2003
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Carthage Palace Hotel
Room Carthage 4

During the preparatory meetings for the United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society, some governments have started to call for more traditional, inter-governmental ways to administer the Internet, especially targeting on the international management of root servers, Domain Name system, and IP Address assignment. They claim that while "technical matters" can be managed by the private sector, ie ICANN, the "public policy issues" should be handled by inter-governmental organizations, suggesting ITU.

Is the principle of private-public partnership under discussion again? Can it really match the challenges of the global Internet and resist to pressures?

The At Large Advisory Committee will organize an informational session about what is happening in Geneva and what is going to happen after Geneva to Tunisia in 2005. So ICANN is to persuade governments that they can handle the public policy matters in open and transparent manner - but how? Perhaps the At Large, through a more substantial role for the individual users than the one in the current framework, could help to reach this objective.

After a report about the discussions and controversies that have characterized the last WSIS Preparatory meetings in July in Paris and September in Geneva, panelists from different constituencies will discuss what they think is right and what is wrong about the different Internet governance models that are on the table, and how the gap between the different views could be bridged.


Vittorio Bertola, ALAC Chair

Report from the WSIS
Izumi Aizu, ALAC member

Panel discussion
(panelists to be announced)

Open microphone

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