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Thursday February 14, 2008
Start: 08:30
End: 12:45

















Start: 10:00
End: 10:30
Start: 12:00
End: 14:00
Start: 12:45
End: 13:00

This event recognises the formation of the Asia-Pacific-Australian Regional At-Large Organisation ("APRALO") with a ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and the individual Internet user groups participating in APRALO.

Start: 14:00
End: 15:30

What it is | This session will provide an overview of the evolving gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) environment. Speakers will examine the past, present, and future of the gTLD space, including the registry-registrar model and marketplace, the anticipated introduction of new gTLDs, and ongoing IDN developments. There will be particular attention given to the effects that these changes may bring within the region in which this meeting is being held.


Start: 15:30
End: 16:00
Friday February 15, 2008
Start: 08:30
End: 13:00

Full Board Resolutions below:

Approval of Minutes 1
Approval of ICANN Accountability and Transparency Frameworks 1
Next Steps on GNSO Review 2
Approval of New Disbursement Policy 3
Authorization to Engage Auditors 4
New gTLDs - Next Steps 5
Acknowledgment of SSAC Reports on Domain-Name Front Running, Fast Flux, DNSSEC, and WHOIS 6
ICANN Bylaws Change Request from ALAC 7
Recognition of First APRALO General Assembly 7
Update on IDN Policy Activities 8
At-large Structures Summit 8
ICANN Deployment of IPv6-Capable Services 9
Other Business 9

Start: 12:00
End: 14:00
Start: 15:00
End: 16:00

What it is | ICANN outreach open discussion forum on issues of concern to the Indian context and user community in an interactive format.

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