Intellectual Property Interests Constituency Meeting

16:00-18:00, 26 June 2006
Reda 1

Provisional Agenda
(all items subject to change)

I. Introductions, Approval of Agenda, Appointment of Scribe

II. Any further discussion from cross-constituency meeting earlier in the afternoon (issues subject to change)

  1. Whois
  2. GNSO Review
  3. GNSO Council weighted voting
  4. Budget/operational plan
  5. PDPs on registry services/ new gTLDs

III. Other issues

  1. IDNs
  2. "Market developments" a/k/a domain parking/tasting etc.
  3. MOU extension and NTIA Notice of Inquiry

IV. Presentation/discussion with Kurt Pritz re ICANN operational plan (invited)

V. Presentation/discussion with Liz Williams re GNSO review (invited)

VI. Housekeeping issues

VII. Any other business, assignments, and adjournment.