ICANN 34 | 1-6 Mar 2009


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The Mexican Internet Association, AMIPCI - A not-for-profit organization, founded in 1999, integrated by more than 150 entities that influence the development of the Internet industry, which include all major banks, e-commerce sites, Internet Service Providers, consultants, developers and major portals. Additionally, more than 1,800 companies and institutions listed in its directory receive Internet information on a weekly basis. AMIPCI's mission is to empower the internet economy in Mexico. Some of our main objectives are to promote investment in the industry, improve the legal framework, conduct market research and training, and increase security and perceived confidence about internet in general. Since early 2007 AMIPCI is also issuing Trustmark’s to businesses that are legally established, abide to our ethics code and have in place privacy policies.

Network Information Center (NIC) Mexico - The Network Information Center-México, (NIC-México) is in charge of administering Domain Names for .MX sites (ccTLD, country code Top Level Domain) the letter code assigned to each country according to ISO 3166. Its objectives are to provide information and registering services for.MX sites, to asign IP addreses, and to maintain the corresponding databases.

ISOC (Internet Society) Mexico - The “Sociedad Internet de México A.C.” is the Mexican chapter of the Internet Society. It is an international NGO created to coordinate global cooperation on Internet, its Technologies and applications. Its members represent the Internet community as a whole and consist of individuals, corporations and other non-for-profit organizations and government agencies. IsocMex was created by a group of people (a first mostly academic) interested in having a national forum about Internet, where users and service providers can meet and express their ideas regarding the development of services, security and the expansion of the WWW on a national level.

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