Updated Security Information as of 12 February 2010

Fri 12 Feb 2010

ICANN continues to actively monitor and respond to the possible security threat information posted on the ICANN site yesterday.

We continue to actively work with our Kenyan hosts and security providers in the region. As stated in Mr. Sammy Buruchara's message yesterday, and confirmed in further calls with Kenyans today, the meeting hosts are committed to the security of this meeting, and are offering even higher levels of direct coordination among the different agencies providing security.

ICANN staff have also reached out to on-the-ground security experts to better interpret the information provided. As has been explained to us, general threats of this kind are common; what made this particular communication worthy of mention is that it has identified a specific venue that has not generally been the target of previous threats. After over-night outreach to various governments and agencies in the region, we have received no information from other sources confirming or denying the threat to the specific venue.

Members of the ICANN community have already started to register views as to what should happen next. We are listening, and there are clearly a wide variety of views already expressed. Staff is evaluating a full range of options for handling the meeting. At the same time, work continues at a fever-pitch to prepare a final Nairobi agenda for posting Monday, along with about 15 new gTLD documents, a draft Fiscal Year 11 Budget and much more.

An internal staff group, which I lead, is meeting at least daily on this topic, and will continue to do so over the weekend and through the U.S. holiday on Monday. I will make sure the community gets any new relevant information when we do, and that we stay on top of any possible adjustments to the Nairobi meeting plans.

Doug Brent
Chief Operating Officer