Consultation on Security Strategic Initiatives Paper

Mon 08 Mar 2010 - 14:00 - 15:00

Meeting Leaders

Greg Rattray
Chief Internet Security Advisor

Greg Rattray
Yurie Ito

Others TBA

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What It Is | The purpose of this session is to conduct a consultation with the community on the Strategic Initiatives paper and to obtain feedback on the two key initiatives that ICANN has identified.

Why It's Important | This session will provide the community with the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the two Strategic Initiatives that are described in the paper, as well as input on ICANN Security, Stability & Resiliency (SSR) efforts in advance of the October 2010 Affirmation of Commitments review of ICANN's SSR area.

Who Should Attend |
The session is open to the community but should be of particular interest to the cyber security, At Large, technical, law enforcement and government communities, as well as TLD operators and those involved with collaborative efforts related to the DNS.