Update on ICANN SSR Efforts

Wed 10 Mar 2010 - 16:00 - 17:00

Meeting Leaders

Greg Rattray
Chief Internet Security Advisor

Transcript to be provided
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What It Is | This session is for an update on ICANN's efforts in Security, Stability & Resiliency since the Seoul meeting, and to highlight key initiatives underway.

Why It's Important | This session will provide the community with an opportunity to interact with ICANN's Security Group on the current efforts related to Security, Stability & Resiliency of the DNS, and to provide input on several projects identified for the upcoming 2010 SSR Plan.

Who Should Attend |
The meeting is open to anyone, but particularly anyone interested in Internet security, cyber security, technical issues related to the DNS.

Agenda Details: 

ICANN's Security Group will be speaking.