High Security Zone ("HSTLD") Advisory Group

Thu 11 Mar 2010 - 14:00 - 15:30
Tsavo A

Meeting Leaders

Greg Rattray
Chief Internet Security Advisor

Transcript to be provided
High Bandwidth

What It Is | The High Security Zone Advisory Group meeting will provide a current status of the HSTLD program, including materials developed since the initial HSTLD concept paper was created.  In addition, the meeting will focus on the next milestones for the advisory group to prepare for Brussels.

Why It's Important | Will allow group to review milestones achieved to date and to plan and publish new milestones to deliver for the Brussels meeting. This work is being done to support the goal of mitigating malicious conduct in new gTLDs. Mitigating malicious conduct is one of the overarching issues in the new gTLD program.

Who Should Attend |
HSTLD Advisory members and other interested parties.