Presentation Final WG Reports of the Following Reviews: Board, NomCom, and SSAC

Wed 10 Mar 2010 - 09:00 - 10:00

Meeting Leaders

Marco Lorenzoni
Director, Organizational Reviews


Panelists / Presenters

Ray Plzak, Chair Structural Improvements Committee

Dennis Jennings, Chair SSAC review WG and vice-Chair of the ICANN Board

Roberto Gaetano, Chair Board review WG and former vice-Chair of the ICANN Board

Thomas Roessler, Chair NomCom review finalization WG and former Board Liaison

Marco Lorenzoni, Director for Organizational Reviews

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What It Is | This is the public presentation of the final reports of: the Board review WG, the NomCom finalization review WG and the SSAC review WG.

Why It's Important | The draft versions of these reports were presented at the Seoul meeting (October 2009).  All comments received during the presentations and subsequent public comment sessions were taken into account by the review WGs when finalizing their reports. The final reports have now been forwarded to the Board Structural Improvements Committee with a view to issuing recommendations to the Board on implementation activities.  This workshop represents a last opportunity for interested parties to offer comments which have not been submitted during previous public consultation phases.

Who Should Attend |
Members of the Board and of the Structural Improvements Committee, Members of the SSAC Community, Members and past Members of the Nominating Committee, Members of the ALAC/At-Large communities, as well as any other interested party

Agenda Details: 


  • Introduction: 5 minutes
  • Board review report: presentation 10 minutes
  • Board review report: Q&A 5 minutes
  • NomCom review report: presentation 10 minutes
  • NomCom review report: Q&A 5 minutes
  • SSAC review report: presentation 10 minutes
  • SSAC review report: Q&A 5 minutes
  • Next steps: 5 minutes (buffer: 5 minutes)