Update to the GAC on Security Related Issues

Tue 09 Mar 2010 - 10:45 - 12:30

Meeting Leaders

Massimiliano Minisci
ICANN Liaison to the GAC

Transcript to be provided
Two-Way Audio (Remote Dial-In / Teleconference): 

Contact session leader for details.

High Bandwidth

What It Is | The GAC will be receiving security related briefings from ICANN Staff, SSAC and RSSAC

Why It's Important | Security, stability and resiliency are important issues for the GAC and these briefings provide an opportunity to discuss with relevant community experts.

Who Should Attend | The session will be attended by GAC representatives.  Other people can attend but may not contribute to the discussion

Agenda Details: 
  • ICANN staff Security, Stability and Resiliency update (Greg Rattray)
  • SSAC update to the GAC on root scaling issues