Open Session - ICANN Board Public Participation Committee

Wed 10 Mar 2010 - 16:00 - 17:30

Meeting Leaders

Nick Ashton-Hart
Senior Director Participation and Engagement

Robert Hoggarth
Chat Attendant


ICANN Public Participation Committee:

Thomas Narten
Gonzalo Navarro
Vanda Scartezini
Jean-Jacques Subrenat
, Chair
Katim Touray

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Two-Way Audio (Remote Dial-In / Teleconference): 

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What It Is | This is an Open meeting of the ICANN Board Public Participation Committee.

Why It's Important | It is an opportunity for the community to provide
engage in a dialogue to the Committee on its proposed programme of work
for increasing the ability of concerned stakeholders to engage in the
work of ICANN.

Who Should Attend | Anyone interested in participating in the ICANN process.


Background Information for this Session

The Board's Public Participation Committee has a mandate to provide oversight and strategic guidance to the activities of ICANN as regards the development and administration of its public participation mechanisms. This session will allow ICANN's stakeholders to review the programme of work that the PPC proposes to undertake for the remainder of this calendar year and into the first six months of 2011. The session will focus in particular on how ICANN could more effectively involve developing world stakeholders in its work.

Joining the PPC members will be representatives of ICANN's Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees, who will together as panellists help foster discussion with the audience, both in Nairobi and participating remotely.


Agenda Details: 


  1. Introduction of the proposed Public Participation Committee / ICANN Participation and Engagement Programme for 2010/2011

    Presenter: Nick Ashton-Hart, Senior Director for Participation and Engagement. For background, please see the document outlining the programme of work at the bottom of the page. A short powerpoint presentation will shortly be posted

  2. Facilitating more engagement in ICANN's work by developing world stakeholders: a community dialogue
    1. What are the three most important improvements ICANN can make to its public participation processes to facilitate greater engagement by developing world stakeholders?

    2. Should ICANN incorporate a greater focus on the developing world in its work and if so, how?

    3. How can the work of ICANN be given greater relevance where there is low Internet density per capita - and what priority should be given to reaching stakeholders in countries with the lowest Internet connection density? (see the World Bank statistical link under "Materials and References" below to look up statistical information of the kind referenced)


Materials and References: