Internet Governance Forum

Thu 11 Mar 2010 - 14:00 - 15:30

Meeting Leaders

Baher Esmat
Manager Regional Relations - Middle East

Moderator: Alice Munyua (GAC Rep. of Kenya)
Adiel Akplogan (AfriNIC)
Baher Esmat (ICANN)
Lesley Cowley (Nominet) (TBC)
Markus Kummer (IGF)
Zahid Jamil (DNDRC)

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What it is | This is a continuation of Internet governance related discussions at ICANN meetings. This is the venue for Internet governance dialog with ICANN community stakeholders.

Why it's important | We value the participation of all stakeholders in the discussions framing issues affecting Internet Governance and discussions for the future of the Internet Governance Forum.

Who should attend? | All stakeholders interested in the future of the IGF and participating in international discussions relating to Internet governance

Agenda Details: 

The workshop will discuss the broad theme of developmental aspects of Internet Governance, shedding some light on national and regional activities and initiatives in the developing world. It will also address the issue of IGF's continuity beyond its 5-year mandate.