Remote Participation Services (Example Session)

Mon 15 Feb 2010 - 14:00 - 16:00

Training presentation will contain:

  • ICANN's remote participation goals for the meeting
  • A brief tour of the meeting's remote participation services and tools
  • Resources that are available for gathering information on the meeting sessions during and after the event

Session Leader:

Transcript to be provided
Two-Way Audio (Remote Dial-In / Teleconference): 

US Dial-Out No. | 1-444-123-4567
Passcode | 891011

Low Bandwidth
High Bandwidth

ICANN Staff introduces the ICANN remote participation services and opportunities.

Who should attend? Any interested ICANN Community member.

Agenda Details: 
  1. Look around the page
  2. Note available remote participation options
  3. Bookmark important URLs ahead of time for later use when the meeting begins