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At-Large Membership: Implementation Reports of ICANN Staff and Counsel

One of the most important tasks facing ICANN's Initial Board of Directors is the establishment of an At-Large Membership structure.

At its Berlin meeting in May, the ICANN Board of Directors received the Final Report of the Membership Advisory Committee.

In response, the Board "direct[ed] staff to review the MAC Commentary and report back to the Board before the Santiago meeting on the administrative requirements, likely cost, and logistical details of an election process responsive to the MAC Commentary." [See the Berlin Resolution on At-Large Membership]. In addition, the Board "direct[ed] counsel to report to it before the Santiago meeting on the legal implications of an election process responsive to the MAC commentary." Finally, the Board "direct[ed] staff to recommend to the Board a process for repopulating the MAC, so that it can advise the Board on promotion and encouragement of membership and solicitation of sponsorship for outreach programs."

Those reports have now been submitted to the Board and posted for public comment.

Public Comments

The ICANN Board actively encourages the Internet community to review and comment on the staff report and analysis.

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