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Steve Crocker, Shinkuro

Hijacking Demonstration
Russ Mundy, Sparta

Those present can participate in a live demonstration of how DNSSEC can protect you.

Overview and News
Steve Crocker, Shinkuro

  • Brief introduction to DNS security
  • Announcement of Microsoft plans
  • Report on training sessions in Senegal and Thailand

Bill Manning,

CADR is a registry for DNS data. It is a tool that can help TLDs and registrars manage delegation information. It uses the in-band authentication of DNS data provided by DNSSEC.

Sparta's Tools
Russ Mundy, Sparta

Sparta has developed a set of freely available tools and DNSSEC aware applications to help with deployment of DNSSEC.

Registry Test Beds and Early Operation

  • .BR – Frederico Neves
  • .PR – Dr. Oscar Moreno and David Soltero- Lugo
  • .MX – Gustavo Lozano

Questions; Next Steps, Resources
Steve Crocker, Shinkuro

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