ICANN no. 36 | 25-30 October 2009



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About KISA    

KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency) was established as public corporation responsible for managing the Internet of Korea on July 23th, 2009, by merging three institutes NIDA, KISA, and KIICA.

  • NIDA(National Internet Development Agency of Korea)
  • KISA(Korean Information Security Agency)
  • KIICA(Korea IT International Cooperation Agency)

KISA is now an improved public agency that plays a major role in developing and researching the Internet in Korea.

KISA has the following roles:

  • Develops the Internet related policy
  • Builds up the environment for the Internet society
  • Promotes the Internet usage
  • Protects national Internet infrastructure from hacking cyber-terror, spam and other malicious activities
  • Operates krCERT CC (Korea Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center) to improve Internet security in Korea
  • Supporting international organizations such as ITU and OECD and assisting Korean IT companies to go aboard

Especially, KISA manages the Internet address resources such as IP address and .kr domain name as the national NIC (Network Information Center), and also researches for the next generation Internet address resources of Korea.

Contact KISA:

Korea Internet and Security Agency of Korea
Address: 11F, 398, Seochoro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-875
Website: http://www.kisa.or.kr
Tel: +82-2-2186-4489 Fax:+82-2-2186-4494
Feel free to contact the secretariat if you have any inquiries.