ICANN Whois Data Accuracy Study

Wed 28 Oct 2009 - 16:00 - 17:30
Sapphire 4 (L3)

David Giza, Senior Director, ICANN Contractual Compliance Team

Stacy Burnette, Director, ICANN Contractual Compliance Team

Jenny Kelly, VP, National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago

High Bandwidth

What it is | To contribute to community discussion regarding Whois policy, ICANN has undertaken a research study of domain name Whois contact information accuracy. The purpose of this workshop is to provide the ICANN community with an update on the progress of ICANN's Whois Data Accuracy Study.

Why it's Important | The accuracy of Whois data is of great importance to ICANN stakeholders. The Whois Data Accuracy Study will provide useful information to ICANN constituencies and the global Internet community on the percentage of accurate Whois data that exists within Whois. Workshop attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions concerning the verification methodology, the domain name sampling plan and other details relevant to the Whois Data Accuracy Study.

Who should attend? |Anyone interested in Whois should attend this workshop. This includes, but is not limited to, registrar operators, registry operators, trademark attorneys, law enforcement representatives and internet security representatives.